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Journey On (Dream Warriors)

Intro: ah yeah, Dream Warriors as we enter the brink of reality battlfield trust me seven times seven times but you prefer not to here I go into a lifelong trip are you ready for this? come solider Verse 1: ringin' on into his disorder I serve the square so step there's nothing left you can't compare to the noble unbeatable length of hair that I bare so bare witness I'm physically fittin' this a desease so MC's please take a techna shot you got what I give I never get got glue to the gift so what's up dread you couldn't bob to the bass but now you're hooked like a bass head I'm about to show ya contract and attract ya blow off track come back and smack ya loaded lyrics stronger than a game of tug-o-war Dream Warriors are built right cause I got a megabyte of storage so don't tempt me I'm empty don't get too close I might absorb your energy if you're not a friend of me I grow you like cannibus make you give me a hand you can't handle this crazy rampagous makin' team ages walk through the getto with getto blasters playin' us general entrance be part of the solution you take it to your brain but your brain is confused and confusion is the style that I send don't think it makes your mind bend just journey on Chorus: draw your mics men and wipe the sweat from your dome as we enter this battle with a fearsome rage universal peace must be this outcome dust and strife stricken we have moral to the full board your steeds my minions as we path on tray me I slay the no mutiny Verse 2: take a picture of this you trying to dis so much smoke you get choked from the microphone mist aw shucks you're outta lucks yo try to tax but get waxed the song strong enough to carry you and my rhymes strong enough to bury you but I don't I make you jam until the jam is done until the cash is cahsed unto me the nickelodeon like that snap ??? back the style has hung you buy a noose produce who now this is the part mystics prevail the critics wrong song goes up in a sail the legacy begins check the store you want more then tie up your boots and just journey on pankgooes and scallowags vanish MCs who talk about me vanish when I'm on stage I'm kicking harder than a tidal wave I'm making bootys like you memory save cause when I entre pronto en delay I hear on the dispatch (mayday mayday) an S.O.S. for a new bag of sess and kick and shook you into nothing less proceed on Verse 3: on your 12th daydream you try your best to control it but the magic avoids you the stage is a street and the wink of an eye you could fry in agony of defeat now toothles ruthless and raw looking for a way to get even but you withdraw cause with no label you're disabled and handicapped but you pledge allegiance to the life of battle rap no choice now you must face your own fate no straight path so is life nothing is straight maybe one day you'll wake up and realize you the live by the sword you die by the sword surprise Dream Warrirors possesses intelligance but you cry wolf but that's irrelivant no what you must be now is simply sit back and rock in your own inequity city's the limit from when you finish your song now you journey too but what you really must do is journey on Outro: we must change we must change we must change