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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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American Daydream (Electric Guest)

We keep going, don't stop running They keep selling, we don't want it So close to it, almost found a way Two steps closer, they keep coming We keep yelling, we don't want it Almost better, this thing's about to break Why don't you make yourself availabcle? In fact she told me that she wanted it free It's easy Oh no, in love I'm just an animal You said you want me but you want me when ya You want me but you want me when you're in need Until the end because After it all it's still repairable I know that I forgot my history It's easy Let's wave goodbye to all the terrible I know that there's a million things we could be If we could only dole it out and agree Until the end because Thought it was a holiday I always play and never work But they sell us all the bait The western way I go berserk I go