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Pieces (Barber Patricia)

There's a piece on the chair A piece in the hall A nice piece of me Stuck to the wall Divide and conquer The jigsaw in you Has left me asunder All over the room There's a piece by the clock Clinging awkwardly to time There's a piece at the piano Clinging stubbornly to rhyme There's a fun piece of me In a crack in the floor An innocent piece Who walked out the door Call me a doctor Or a structural engineer Draft me a past and a future That consert to adhere Give me a pill that makes cohesion A pharmalogical thing Bring me the tape and the twine The blueprint design To fit the scraps and the threads To the feet and the legs There's a piece that was pretty For a moment or two But my mouth and my lips Are somehow askew A piece of a hero is Behind the TV The piece with the glue Is looking for pieces of me There's a piece in Detroit A piece in LA New York is a critic She's funny that way There's a piece prone to panic A big piece is blue All the pieces agree The best piece went with you In fragments and tatters, scattered All over the road Each piece has the other But no pieces is a whole Little maps in their pockets, Reflections of possibility The pieces pick themselves up Dust themselves off And start all over Again