Touch Of Trash (Barber Patricia)

The perfect shade of lipstick Of red pepper lies Assertions carefully weaved into her style Eyeliner drawn with another sinner’s hand Replication makes perfection; She’s just a button short of trash. Matching toes and fingers The peek-a-boo shoe Manipulation As subtle as the perfume A South Beach tan With sun-streaked dew Orchestration and precision; The girl works harder than you. Primitive inspiration Packaged in modern disguise Disposition Permitting a glimpse of the thigh; Masculine resolve With a feminine plan: Domination and submission. She smells the gas – then lights the match. Stylish deliberation The chattel of Calvin Klein Obsession, Calculation of color and design. Glamour defined by supply and demand Education and graduation; She’s just a culture short of class. Moment of indecision Cool wind from the edge of the cliff Intoxication Feels like love when it looks like this. If truth is the price for a superficial charm Night is laughing Watching us do absolutely nothing: Image and form