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Hot Like Fire (Savage)

Savage, Rock City's with me Where my dj's where my where my dj's! This is for the club this is this is for the club This is for the girls this is this is for the girls Come on Gal you hot like fire You are burnin' the place up Such a pretty face That's why there's no need for make-up See I like the way you move (move) Dancin to the tune (tune) Girl is hot like fire when her body is so smooth Yea her curves up on her waist, the smile upon her face I feel so good when she walks and walks my way So she's (so she's) my queen (my queen) And I feel just like a king when she's standin next to me now See shawty took the night off She say she want to go to the club As soon as they turn the lights off The girl went down on the flo-o-o-o Girl went down on the flo-o-o-o This club is moved from wall to wall I'm steady tryin to walk You stand out up in the crowd when you're dancin on the floor The hottest girl in sight but she cool as ice So cool that she sendin all these chills up my spine She wind it up and the dj play it again She walk it up like the (unable to understand)