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In A Circle Going Round (Old Man Markley)

Crossing roads, cutting lines Getting caught up doing time Coming through to drop the ball Getting up after a fall Just to drop back down In a circle, going 'round Turning pages, getting lost Chasing paper at any cost Pouring wages in a glass Celebrate the good times past To piss 'em on the ground I'm in a circle, going 'round You're never gonna set the world on fire If you don't keep your nose to the grindstone Fruit is so much sweeter when you pick it off the tree You can't let the grass grow up around your feet So much time has come to pass (Since the time that we played last) Things were said (Tears were shed) And we parted ways In hopes for better days Still in a circle, going 'round You've got to climb the mountain if you wanna see the view Don't get hung up on the roads that you didn't choose Can't let the weight of the world bring you down 'Cause we're all in this together, in a circle going 'round