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It Don't Matter (Denney Kevin)

There's a month of Sunday papers In the weeds that's taken over That ol' gravel driveway And a quart of milk, half empty Two weeks past the expiration date My face could stand a razor blade or two Got a grown' list of things I oughta do But it don't matter Since I lost you There's a cigarette burned sofa That I try hard to sleep on But I lay there for hours Watching infomercials Till it's time to get up, dress And go to work I used to take some pride in what I do But now I got this don't care attitude But, it don't matter Since I lost you Sympathetic friends of mine Have worn out all the standard lines It wasn't meant to be You'll be O.K Just give it time It don't matter There's a girl I've known since high school That's called a time or two here lately To say let's get together And reluctantly one evening I agreed to meet her downtown for a date By the way she looked at me, it's probably true She'd like to be my somebody new But it don't matter I still love you It don't matter I still love you