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We Rhyme (Denney Kevin)

Her name was Madeline Conners And I am the man that she picked She watched her daddy's money Build their house on the hill And watched me and my daddy Lay every brick Her dad couldn't see us together And the truth is, neither did mine They couldn't know From the very first time that We kissed We knew in our hearts We rhymed We're not poetry in motion Like the ocean's blue waves We're just flesh and blood Emotion Born in red Georgia clay Our love is a lyric A song with no lines We know in our hearts We rhyme The nurse held her up to the Window And I traced her face through The glass She's got my love for sleeping And Madeline's nose And I'm already thinking She'll grow up too fas I think of the day that's a coming When a boy wants this baby of Mine I'm not sure that I'll like it But I'll have to let go When she says to me "daddy, we rhyme" We know in our hearts We rhyme