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The Elixir (RAM)

London 1888 [Dr. Francis Tumblety: ] Heureka! The drops work according to my design, The dreaded hour glass of death no longer includes me [The Grim Reaper: ] I can see you dear doctor, I see your unholy brew, But no-one cheats my scythe from it’s ransom of life [Dr. Francis Tumblety:] My glorious life, prolonged in agelessness, Forever I will live, Never fearing the end [The Grim Reaper:] Oh hello my dear doctor, I think you know who I am You owe me in life’s years, oh how shall you repay? You must kill three sickly victims prematurely, So the balance is upheld Here are names addresses and descriptions You must kill to repay the life you have taken, Because in the end it belongs to me [Dr. Francis Tumblety:] Oh here I stalk these terrible streets, Full of filth and derelicts To execute harlots soon to die from disease, Two are dead and the third ones life soon shall cease If only I could find her in this dirt and decay, To the grim one my bill I could pay But see here is another in illness soon to be gone, Oh why should death bother, a bum is bum [Dr. Francis Tumblety:] Plague ridden am I, due to my trip to the slums But soon I face my end, for death cannot be escaped [The Grim Reaper:] Oh hello my dear doctor, how do you do? I owe you in life’s years and I sure shall repay You know you murdered the wrong young woman, She was not soon to die, she was about to recover from illness So I owe you another fifty years of fever, pain anguish and solitude, Ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Dr. Francis Tumblety:] Nooo!