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I Always Never Said That (Iron Chic)

Life is weird but were together here So what's the use in being normal Burn the village and take what's left Do the things that we've been doing to death. Taking things too seriously That's a motherfucking time bomb So bite the bullet and take a breath Look at me I'll be laughing to death If I hear another word about a better place I'll paint these walls with my fucking brains You say I wouldn't but if I did you don't think I'd go to hell for it I agree and then we laugh A cosmic joke or a master plan? The best part of it is Either way we couldn't give a shit. There's no answers, so take a guess and make up the rest. I may start to reminisce about better days Or the obliteration of the human race If it never fucking ends I can't begin to make sense of it So let's agree we'll always laugh Not miss the joke and do what we can To take it all with a grin And not be so fucking humorless