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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Know What I Mean Jellybean (Iron Chic)

By then I'd had enough I couldn't stand to watch you die So I died first, that's how I survived Now I can't feel the ground tremble beneath my feet And I won't make a sound while This town crumbles into the sea It's been years, even after all this time I'm still here there's simply nothing inside When I held your head and whispered into you ear "it's okay to leave now, there's nothing left for you here." I knew I had nothing left to fear It's not hard to keep it inside A feeling so hard to describe I don't know if that's okay I'm gonna do it anyway Do it anyway Yeah it hurt, it's almost something else now I cried so much I thought I might drown I'm out of tears, I'll make no concessions Through all these years I've learned a lesson Every thing I love will die In due time