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Iconoclasm Conquest (Order From Chaos)

Masterless and superior The reality of power lies within Ignorance, fanaticism, bigotry Topple these thrones of self deceit Deviation, disbelief, dependence Weakness Frustration becomes aggression Nihilistic burst abort the world What of the deeds of self esteem? What of self determination? Institutionalism, demagoguery By power elite gods of policy Iconoclasm conquest Fundamental Dysfunctional Monumental Incredible Feel the surge - rush of power Iconoclasm conquest Feel the rush surge itself to extremes Let the insurrection begin Bite the hand that feeds you Curse it shower it with spit Your freedom's finally truly yours Your mind - your own Order from the chaos of enslavement Triumph of the will Iconoclasm conquest Strip away all falseness Burn out obsolescence Blast powerlessness Now is the time to crush