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Power Elite (Order From Chaos)

I don't have a face anymore Just eyes, nose and a mouth My identity has been compromised Uniqueness oversimplified Inside my words their germinated seed When I speak they speak for me My tongue replaced by a maggot A larval spawn of ignorance Regurgitating verbatim The lies from the screens of policy A slave state experiment A mannequin transfixed I listen endlessly to nothing Cannot hear myself think Men beetle black helmets that shine Hide behind their masked of infamy Gather the flock and process Metal exoskeletons of hate Needle teeth shoot up Tendrils burrow farther back Weevils crawl Insecting between my ears Disinfectant saliva leaks Cleansed, treated and sterilized Emotions washed away Now I'm pure and whole Sift through my thoughts No reality pollutes me with its lie This parasitic partnership As host I am stripped of myself Power elite Totalitarian nations Nurture us Torture us Terminal destinies Surgical political machinery Bureaucratically given identity Just another fatted calf Slaughtered ripe from the herds Toasting the lust of their conquest Their cattleprods and hammers speak Power elite