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Tenebrae (Order From Chaos)

Black chaos expanding Ouroboros circles in pursuit of itself Beneath the entropic oceanic abyss A paradox convulses the universe Genesis - a gravid flourish of life Protoplasmic sparks (kindle) an infuriate flame Febrile brilliance fine points of light Phosphorescence moves into Man Unleash subjecting truths in sacred words Ignite the dominion of absurdity Fire and Sword imperium - darkness pale Irradiances flourish where compelled to shine Deluge - Tenebrae sweeps in on mute limbs Astride the Plateau glimpse the rising gloom Acknowledge the nihilism (or ordered procession) The drowning caress of black swirling waters Sacrosanct (man as microcosm) Four temperaments (fuse) - statuesque Entity The fortitude of a pristine creature Transcend tyranny - Quintessential Power The Scorpion beneath the upturned stone The Snake invisible in the grass With fangs He protrudes from a scornful smile As He watches your fortress wash away like dust Horus ablaze against a setting of Fear Kingly halo (four tiered earth) at his feet Sapient eye illuminates the fleeting staircase Ascent of deliverance - invincibility I am He (The Crowned and Conquering One) Conueror of Fear He is the refuge towards which you crawl Yet as poison Fear has tainted your wine Let fly the arrow marking you for death He laughs - He represents Foreverness As an act of penance you mortify your flesh Shievering for blood wept out as joy Amassed Silence ruptures to devour Tenebrae - ushers in the sickened shroud