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The Edge Of Forever (Order From Chaos)

We stand on a constant threshold of A quantum hierarchy, universal and pure The echo amid silence an epoch from antiquity Of red-shifting matter, finite yet unbounded The ethereal nomenclature of grandeur, on high Where the relative is irrelevant And immensity is eternity Forever and ever, amen Yet, the universe encompasses and engulfs Even, almost, infinity as an atom And i saw eternity the other night The unvanquished black splendor Of the edge of forever Where our conscience and comprehension Fail from frailty Yet, nine worlds i remember A community of matter And, by thought, i comprehend our world Heaven and earth are as old as i And all things are one Through the eyes of night We see an intimation Of a frail existence A fabric, and a void Where the greatest Have greater still On outward, and upwards Spiraling, forever Are ascents, descents Perpetual Seeing far enough To be blinded by darkness Grasp, yet never reach A bastion eternal Boundaried only by conscience And a flaccid understanding Athanasia in all ages In all directions In all minds Filled with elegant truths, And pristine illusions, Stretch out your eyes Where the greatest Have greater still Perpetual