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There Lies Your Lord, Father Of Victories (Order From Chaos)

Treachery of vengeful cruelty and power beyond greed Defaming the flame of veneration Smother that which would burn Accursed is the key to power and glory But settles envy's wages - Seek! That glittering gold, the slave has enslaved... II Sorrow lies unarmed and wounded From judgement and vengeance in flight Woeful is led to the "needy" As the victor is led to his kin What marvels could heroes perform That their gods were unable to do? Disgrace and betrayal plague the Blessed Ones As sorrow is thrown to the dogs Rashness retreats the Battlefather's rage Walls of flames and the empty glory of divinity III He who has never learned to fear Only can forge an ultimete freedom from The dying father's shattered steel Rebirthed to lick the hot blood cool (So) There Lies Your Lord! The Father of Victories - Lord Of Light (Now!) Bathe in the fire!!! IV Here I speak of Holy Things When the ash-wood burns and fierce flames consume... O sacred Gods hail this raidant Star - Hail! Sounding from the Noble River He, to be betrayed, the Son of Freedom Now more than the heavens And the Glory of the Gods matters The accursed key of Eternal Joy Unerring Sorrow deceived into whitened sepulchre Compelled into shame by the Hordes of Night Near the shore comes the charlatan Before altars flow with blood, illusion - treachery! Oaths and perjury are idle words Heavenly Hosts hear the vow of vengeance Fly home you ravens: rest now blessed hero There Lies Your Lord! The flames allure - the accursed key is cleansed Hojotoho! There Lies Your Lord! Hojotoho!