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Webs Of Perdition (Order From Chaos)

I curse forgotten foreign worlds Evil landscapes of my mind Black horrors that I dread Fantastic to mankind One thousand fates await me Each points towards doom My sleep grows deep and lifeless The aching void looms Spirals of thorns shred my eyes War-gredy weapons unsheathed Sanguinary way -blinded path Congealing misfortunes decreed He who enters the blackness Shall soon not know what may be Nightmarish foreshadows- the future Abolish what nyctophobia pleads A plague of dreams and visions That haunt (and lurk in) my mind Beneath the shroud of darkness These shadows come alive Indeed I cannot escape this This pestilent torment of dreams My torturous sleep is imprisonment I moan an echoing scream... Infectious fear It fabricates Weaves itself It procreates Cruel clutching strands It permeates Webs of Perdition One dreams the fate Webs of Perdition One dreams the fate Webs of Perdition Asphyxiate A face transfixed with horror Macabre is the weird A futile glimpse towards infinity Black thoughts- nightmare revealed This bedside shall be my resting place To capitulate toward the dark I gather the black in my eyes The rattle of death departs...