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What They Call Me (Rah Digga)

"One two" "Rah Digga" "One two" "Rah Digga" "One two" "Rah Digga" "One two" "Rah Digga" [Rah Digga] For starters, peace to all the martyrs, and all the pioneers Cheers! Here's to a new breed of broad, yeah we like it raw! Comin to the floor, I be next to rep like Al Gore (Look) Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane Nope, honey from the Bricks, ya'll familiar wit the name I be worse than any Alien, Predator or Relic Witch from the east nigga, tell em how to spell it [Chorus] 4x The R-the A-the H-the D-the I-the G-the G-the A (Come again!) [Rah Digga] I'm primetime, you a local on cable I battle you on yo' shit and then waste your label Hit you wit heat sweeter than vanilla candy Flip it type wicked like Cinderella family (For what) For tryin to step to a Rah situation Less rhymin years, less formal education Gettin less spins than a BBS Less hype in the streets and you writin even less (Now you ain't fresh) MC's goin crazy (Nah, you ain't a fresh) Ya'll could never out-blaze me Less knowhow, more hoe now Stay up out of grown folks biz 'fore I show you what broke is Yappin all day bout who crew the best Take a few deep breaths, puff the buddha cess Continue to bless any track that come this way Nine nigga nine nigga, I'm that itchbe Chorus 4x "Niggas" "Do you think" [Rah Digga] "Flipmode" [Busta Rhymes] "Digga on the track" [Rah] "Words worth a million" [Jay-Z] "Represent" [Biggie] "Yo" [Prodigy] "Strike-strike hard" [Canibus] [Rah Digga] Peace to my peeps, from Jerz to Manhattan Bitches on the threeway chit-chattin in pig Latin Heads is vexed now, all the 'dro gone Waitin and debatin for some niggas to roll on (Come on) The kind of heads take the ghetto approach Hard foul the opposition or strangle the coach I be stashin marijuanna in my Dolce & Gabana Dead em like gamma, if they don't have no manners Call the dopest MC my little junior Playin the game and be a coach like Tuna Mad, what I say go, B-girl original Boy Wonder, Chocolate latte (Hooo!) What the chicks say, hoes might oppose But most chicks happy I can rock without takin off my clothes And all the niggas say "Damn, this bitch is tight Ain't heard a broad rip like that since MC Lyte" (Come on) Chorus 8x