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Muah (Electrik Red)

[Verse: Naomi] Bet you never had nobody like This. Had lipstick kiss like this. Girls come with the drop of A dime. But their candies ain't quite Like mine. See I got this little thing That I do. If you were my man I would do It to you. Thanks for the drink, but, you Betta move. Cause I'm up in here with two. [Chorus:] And I'm the sh#t with the sh#t shawty. [x3] I'm the sh#t with the sh#t I kno wat I'm doin with this sh#t Cause I'm the sh#t with the sh#t shawty [x2] I'm the sh#t Mmuah [x6] [Verse 2: Binkie] Now tell me wat you really gonna do with that. Never seen a girl with an a$$ so fat. I'm not a striper but I dance like that. I'm not a striper but where the money at. I'm not a freak, I'm not a nasty h@e. Well I'm lyin but I'm classy though. I'm like you don't wanna get get get it. To the bed room hit hit hit it. I'm not a dits I got a brain. You saw my titties before you see my face. It's all good nigga don't be shame. I would feel the same. Cause I know you know. [Chorus] Mmuah [x11] [Bridge:] I'm havin that hey hey hey. And I know you hadnt tell me but you know I had to come and put it, on you this way. And it ain't no shame if I don't do anything, that means I love you babe. Anything for you baby, I got you going crazy. Love Love Love [x2] [Chorus] I got you crazy Igot you crazy Yea I know just what you want I'm a give you what you want I got you crazy Crazy [x5] I got you crazy. [Talks: Naomi]