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W.F.Y. (Electrik Red)

[Intro: The-Dream] Yessir, You what you deserve [Verse 1: Naomi] Little boy, It's gon' take more than game To get me to change my name And you betta not be lame, (be lame, lame, lame) And little boy, It takes more than a car To get me to go that far I ain't cheap little buddy I'm a star Nigga, I'm a star [B-Sec:] (Ooooh) Gotta know what you lookin' at Watchu lookin' at If you want me to holla back, You gotta know when to stop talking Stop talking, if you really wanna play in my lane [Hook:] You gets nothin' Unless that niggas on point In the bed betta know what you doin' Let the washer and the dryer keep the coins I need dollars And that's trill Unless that nigga pay bills And unless that nigga do deals Unless he got my wrist on chill I'm forreal, Betta be on point On point (6x) Betta be on point On point (6x) Gotta be on point On point (6x) Gotta be on point On point (4x) Betta be on [Verse 2: Binkie] Little boy Gon need more than a check To get me to show you some respect A phone call when you late don't text, and don't flex nigguh Listen, little boy, Don't try to show out When yo little boys come to the house Or I'll walk around this bitch in my Louis Vuitton heels with my ass hanging out (Owww!) [B-Sec] [Hook]