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How To Grow A Woman From The Ground (Thile Chris)

I caught a string full of fish down by the damn I'll drag them back to the field they should be dead by then Wipe the sweat off my neck and tally ho the plow I'm gonna grow a woman from the ground The night was a chalkboard with a fingernail moon If the fish ain't dead yet they will be pretty soon Kinda like the feeling at an old folks home Even though you love them you can't wait for them to go I'll call her Angelina she's a teacher I once had A halo of honey wrapped around her head And she always used to give me some when I was a kid I told her that I loved her and then I went and hid I'll take you into town and I'll show you off And there's room on your dress for a corsage And I'll open up every door for you I opened up my almanac and in my head I read Cut your wrist on the fins of the fish and drain all you can So I rolled up my sleeves and then began to draw lines just as deep as the days are long I sewed up my wrist and sewed the ground with my blood Staind up my clothes pretty good and I turned that dirt to mud I couldn't help but close my eyes and lay my body down 'Cause I heard it takes forever to grow a woman from the ground I bleed for you now and I'm skinny as a rail And I'll be so obliged to keep you nice and warm and safe and won't you be so proud of me