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On Ice (Thile Chris)

Just for a moment, the moment I met her, I lost my breath but my lips whispered “she is the one” Forgot who I was and who I was fooling, didn’t remember she could be my first cue to run We moved so fast Never thought twice Mind came at last Put us on ice We stayed in touch but the touch I was wanting from her came from girls that scared me too little to love So all of the thoughts I thought I might tell her turned into songs that until now she’s never heard of I had been taught Love is a vice Took all these thoughts And I put them on ice The vice bends and ice tends to melt One night she asked me how I felt The next day I woke up lying to myself I feel fine, I feel fine, I feel fine Thank God you’re here, I need you to hear this So sick of my shit, I promise, I’m through tempting fate I know I’m in love now, you are what love is to me Please tell me this isn’t too little too late Let’s move fast Making up would be nice I’m so sorry I put these things on ice