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Ready For Anything (Thile Chris)

I forget the difference between being in love And being familiar with something I hope I'm above. Hear a lie enough and it cuts like the Gospel, when you're half-awake, no mistake is impossible. I'm a child again, lost and happy in make-believe But I'm lazy now, so someon'es pretending for me. An untouchable man who holds his hand out to millions Anyone can share his beautiful heroes and ugly villains I spend a lot of time watching my TV, I take what they give me, and I give them nothing But I waste a lot of time watching my TV, they've got me right where they want me, Ready for anything. I forget the difference between being loved and being a loose-pocket, worn-wallet, short-sighted friend to lift money off of. Maybe I'm playing their game, so I can have a show where I stick 'em like a pig one day -- Tell 'em they can go to Hell 'cause they don't know another way ... Or maybe I'm here 'cause it's something to do ... Still waters can run shallow too and I could watch myself run dry. I forget the difference between being alive And living through somebody else who's acting out somebody else's life.