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The Believer (Thile Chris)

You can point and laugh I'm sure he's used to that Using faith like an acrobat 'til the net breaks He won't get upset That though we've never met I know everything he's said 'cause a friend once told me: He's got hellfire in his eyes There is madness behind the lies He would burn us all alive just to prove his point God save the believer we mistake for a deceiver 'cause it makes us feel better. The time has come and gone To say what's right and wrong People like him don't belong 'cause we're all OK You'd better write him off without a second thought Thinking just leads to getting caught in the traps he sets, like: Who is that on his knees? It's that daring young man from the flying trapeze Crying "Father, Father, help me please" Well good luck, pal, you're gonna need it