We Cry Mercy (Dear Whoever)

We've been broken falling out again. I'll hold my armor close right there next to you. We will stand, holding ourselves, I need you here and I need your help When I look around, there's no one beside me, all I hear, is my breathing, from my chest, I'm crawling around, searching...escaping...death... I will not surrender Grace bestowed on my heart when we cry Mercy, we cry mercy Armor of God protect us as we cry Mercy give us Mercy Grace so lovely pure and holy we cry Mercy we cry mercy All I needed was you next to me, since this started, I can't stop bleeding, it's all my fault, I'll take the blame, you never left and you died for me My hands are shaking, when I'm scared All the death around, me help me This is War We're at war Save us from war Torn by the enemy ripped from my flesh and blood!