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Pay Jay (Termanology)

R.I.P. J Dilla Termanology's up in here Rapper Pooh is up in here My man Joe Scudda, he's up in here My man Chaundon, he's up in here Yeeeah... I stepped on stage just to scream "Go ladies" And after my set she went crazy, slow it down baby I can't keep running, energy after the show Fo' fucking, one won't do, two's not enough So why you in my ear with this fall in love stuff? I'm just tryna break backs, let me see you climax Smoke a little purp', zone out to some Dilla tracks I don't know what you been told You dealing with a player, pimp hand ice cold I'm a get this money, did get honey So get ready, shake it down for me lovely Hold tight... On the count of three say "Fuck the police" Back and truly in the fleece, diddy-bopping in the streets Getting busy over beats, (what?) I'm +Fantastic+ On another +Voyage+, you know who the boy is Puffing on the line with Esche I wanna thank the nigga who sold J Dilla his first SP From the D back to NYC I'm spitting game to this beat like it's a P.Y.T. It's +Human Nature+ to turn it up, burn it up The illest Soulquarian to ever serve it up No it ain't hard to tell who the realest it Chaundilla bitch, got the world on that J Dilla shit Say what you want but you gon' pay Jay (yeah) Say what you want but they gon' play Jay (yeah) It's that Dilla shit, that Dilla shit That Dilla shit, that Dilla shit Uh, yeah, sticky green we tote, hoody with the pea coat Riding in the hoopty with my groupie of the week yo Honey got that cold and I told her let the heat blow Dilla and the J, gotta show her how the beat go Keep crushing (yeeeah...) You know I make 'em envy by the way I keep hustling Take notice, stay focused, I'm J-O, it's so raw You can't put him next to nothing So let's take it back, there's nothing like this I can't explain all the game that you might miss Without a chain or even a bright wrist I stay ready like machete with a tight fist What's your name pa? (It's 'Ology) And what's the name of your crew? (It's S.T.) Chilling with the H.O.J. (Yeah, that's me) We putting it down (Lawtown to NC) I don't need no rims, need no Benz Need no ends, cause I got beats I don't need no ice, need no height My name up in lights, cause I emcee Aiyyo, I body rappers, them party rappers Them body snatching college application Rappers saying spread the bang Wet your aim out your stain in the lane Of the kings and the Preem's the same Killer of J Dilla beats, shoutout to AZ I'm rather unique, you gon' p-pay J-Jay Dilla for them beats Pay Jay, pay Jay, pay Jay...