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1000 Seconds (Secret Machines)

I must admit it's a balancing act It looks dangerous, that's part of it Remember, don't look down You and I standing in a crowded room We were pressed together but we're holding on Like we're all that was, that's all there was In a flash of light We were drunk, we were having a fight I was wrong, that don't mean you were right Then you played that song, it was a thousand seconds long It didn't end, it seemed to play on all night 'Cause if I remember right I fell asleep there Rain clouds passed and darkened more An evening touched by waiting for the sky burst Storms had gathered in crushing lines I surrendered to a way that I remembered you That's all there was If I were forced to choose, what I have, I have to lose I need love, that don't mean I need you It started with that song, it was a thousand seconds long It didn't end 'cause we never got through And did you think that I had planned it all along Hoping not to be alone, well, I was there on the edge of the rush And did you leave because you thought that I would stay Stricken with a holy fright and it was clear as the night in the cold And I won't ever know what you're afraid of And when the world ends A thousand seconds too We'll watch the time pass Run through the high end too And then we'll wait there A thousand seconds too That's when it all ends A thousand seconds too