Batteries Not Included (Artch)

Batteries not included, but still the price is right. Full-sized, yours exclusive to play with day 'n night. High-speed vibration with full remote-control. Take it from a man who knows; This one's got it all. You'll spin like a wheel It's a touch of real. "Bad-woman" Lucille You've got sex-appeal. Well, here we have this specimen, a "creature of the night". You'll cry in ecstasy until the morning-light. Hi-tech product with a life-time guarantee You won't regret it - just you wait and see. You live in a world Of make believe. Imaginary-world Where nothing is real "bad-woman" (Lucille) There are no limits, we don't play it by the rules. Everything's permitted, nothing is taboo. Use your imagination - feel free To expose your fantasy. You're trapped in your world of make-believe. Imaginary-world where nothing is real. Bad-woman Lucille... We've got what you need... For your world of...make believe.