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The Dead Sea (Fallujah)

Im breathing yet I fight for air This tomb you've pulled me down A nomad in this barren land Your binds ahold of my desperate hand The light that projects Forth from your eyes Sucks out the life that life that lies within mine Somber and weak is heart of a slave Emerge with dispirited hate Bring me to my feet my rash lioness Wash away all my pain The hunger for more forced you out of that place I was the light you would need The light that projects Forth from your mind Sucked out the hope that lied within mine I was the light you would need Wanderer upon the dead sea Nomad in this barren land Worlds away, my heart is gone Take my desperate hand Captive in self-loathing calm A semblance of revenants haunting my thoughts The temptress you were The air between your bones is desolate and cold I was breathing yet I fought for air That tomb you pulled me down You were falling to a dark abyss I should have let you drown