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If You Only Knew (Ali Tatyana)

Chorus: If you only knew all the things I feel for you... Boy, I want you in my life; I can't deny. If you only knew all the things I'm going through... Tryin' to hide what I feel inside 'bout you and I Lately, it's you, baby, driving me crazy. So what are we going to do about this love? Tell me: what do you see when I come around you? Boy, you give me joy. Chorus Sometimes, when I'm alone, I wanna let go and call you up on the phone to let you know how hard it's been holding in this feeling for you. If only you knew... Chorus Do you acknowledge me? I really need to now. Gotta know. Wanna know. We've been friends for some time now. And I want more, so much more! If only you knew... Chorus x 2 Boy, I'm not playing games, and I hope you feel the same...