Control And Resistance (Watchtower)

Human influence shapes human thought Few question, few answer, praising innovation Society seeking conformity Society thriving on regulation Observe and repeat, observe and repeat Maintain the standard Life is simulation, revision and impulse Absence through presence Still there is crime, still there is defiance Conscious and manner scream for diversion Controlled by confusion, confused by control Control and Resistance Control and Resistance Control and Resistance At an early age you were forced into submission By your elders and school administration By your peers you are pressed to Resist And pressed into rebellion and indecision Now you are food for the mental machine Breeding acts of ignorance and despair Men plotting their own demise Through oblivion, through greed, through hypocrisy Some of us are blind, some of us are frightened And some cynical Contradiction, revolution, controversy, centumacy Self-preservation and malevolence Feed the fear of death Law and resistance in accordance with uniformity In the thick of the fray Yet violence and change by privacy By freedom, we must Resist