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Instruments Of Random Murder (Watchtower)

Fast, safe, aspirin-free relief The simple end to minor discomfort Used by millions for years No association with danger Scattered across the land Arose instances of unexplained deaths Autopsies reveal the presence of --cyanide Then by coincidence the facts are revealed Connections between the deaths are made Somewhere in the chain from factory to shelf The capsules were tainted We must question the motive of a killer Who kills without vengeance, without apparent reason And leaves death upon the innocent Was it hatred for the entire human race Or an attempt to destroy a corporation? The small bottle of relief - the discolored capsules The acrid odor of bitter almonds Goes unnoticed into the body It is soon absorbed into the blood And destroys the human system The victim falls to the floor And dies in a matter of seconds The search begins as the shelves are cleared The horror spreads through the press The murderer will most likely escape discovery - And perhaps strike again!