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Tonight (Dommin)

Are you ready to start the night Do you feel alright, yeah do you feel alright Hollow hunger, will you be bite Have you the appetite, have you the appetite I can mend your misery If you believe in me Do you believe in me It's hard to swallow hard to perceive But then it's plain to me And it's plain to see that Tonight, I'm coming home with you (to fill the hole in you) Tonight, it's only me and you (What have you got to lose) To a night you won't forget But that you might regret Yeah you might regret Every action has a consequence But do you know it yet, Do you know it yet Nothing any vice can tame It only feeds the flame Will you feed the flame Does it matter if you know my name Because we're all the same Maybe we're all the same Before you realize you are alone I will be gone Until we meet again....