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Crashing Down (Psychopunch)

Don't think I ever wanna see your face again I curse the day when I first heard your name First time you saw me I was crawling on the floor You picked me up & you took care of me for sure But I don't really want to be with you True love only dies When I get high I will be leaving you Take a look in my eyes Then I wouldn't know what to say And I guess I'm gonna fuck it anyway The only truth I know is hiding in a glass Smooth ride before it kicks my fucking ass I wind up stupid feeling sorry for myself One way……Ticket straight to hell But I don't really wanna be with you I got another waste of time When I get high I will be leaving you Guess it feels like doin' time & I don't know what to say But as usuall I fuck it anyway Crashing down it's more than I can bare Eventhough if I don't care I turn my head around I see you walk away Maybe someday But I think we're goin' nowhere anyway Last night I woke up in a middle of a dream Too much to soon Babe no need to scream I think I'm going to a place that I once knew I need a lie Baby you need the truth & then I know I will be loosing you All down the line I need to hide you wanna know the truth It's just a matter of time Still I wouldn't know what to say Do you think that I will leave it that way