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Illusions (Demotional)

The desperation when you speak a sense of weakness in your tone I could have helped but actually I kind of like to see you fall from your pedistal of slaughter cause when it breaks I don't think you've got what it takes try to stay above the water If you still think that you are so much better than the others You can't be touched, you can't be blamed You play it rough, but this is not a game Safe, safe and sound. A betrayal is all you need to fall You´re in an Illusion after all Eyes that look down upon the weak for your contemplation the domination that you seek Is the reason why you never really gonna feel okey No matter if you scream we won't obey Nothing that you do will make us bend over And crumble to your lies You reek of insecurity When it´s all gone dont come to me You´re looking for salvaton but no one else here But you can set you free You can pretend that nothing ends Safe, safe and sound. A betrayal is all you need to fall You're in an Illusion after all