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Sleeping Death (Forest of Shadows)

bleak silver streams the light of many a star born from thrones in dark heaven and swept in the suns demise bleak silver streams the radiance of eternity pain the meadows in dismal shades as sleeping death seep thru the clouds i stand motionless and marvel with empty eyes like a portrait of bliss forsaken wearing the colors of loss i stand motionless like a grieving graveyard statue and i drape my face with my bare hands as sleeping death seep thru the clouds i felt a dying embrace a soft breeze of weary winds singing silent lamentations a prologue to a tragedy untold clad in the cold breath of october the stars fall from their thrones and my last gleam of hope fades away in this crestfallen orchard where the final chapter lies written dressed in a robe of shattered dreams as the flower withers in this crestfallen orchard where fallen leaves lies dying i kneel down in solitude as sleeping death seep through the clouds i stare into the forever night and i travel beyond the fallen stars i sink into obliveons twilight dream where my sleeping beauty lies sleeping with the dead