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How Many Ways (Murray Head)

I've been travelling hard tho' there didn't seem much to move me, And my senses were numbed as the scenery passed right thru' me, Down a telephone line it was easy enough to lose me, But with you on my side, it was easy to ride The storm and the tide, as they bruised me. How many ways are there left to say I love you. I kept telling myself my wounds were on the mend. But my confidence slides when I can't tell who's a friend. There were nights when I cried and I could not see the end. But something within, made me still want to win As I realised within me, was you. How many ways are there left to say I love you. She said "I don't know what to feel anymore When you're home it's too much, when you're gone I'm unsure Can't you admit there are times when you're wrong, You've been away from me, one week too long". I would lean against bars hopelessly killing time Talking out dreams and drowning my fears in wine. Avoiding the bed that brings a sadness that's hard to define. When the day breaks again I go back to the same empty room And the pain of us being apart. This is the time when I need to say I love you How many ways are there left to say I love you