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Summertime (Honeyz)

Hey y'all (chu, chu) Nice It's da honeyz Summertime C'mon This is how we do it It's da honeyz JP, Esq (Chu, chu) Summertime (summertime, baby) In the street (chu, chu, nice) I've got the bag full of funk Get down cos beats are kickin' Ridin' the loop, hooch, Barcardi twistin' sippin' Park hanging gold Jimmy dangling Sound banging can buzz with the man in Kids scream chocolate ice cream Summertime dream, yeah you know what I mean (That's right) So much fun, barbecue in the sun Cos me and the girls keep the vibe 'till were done Summertime (to ho) In the street (in the streets, that's right) Everbody (chu, chu) Everybody knows what's goin' down (nice) Just you and me (Just you and me baby, I wouldn't lie to you) Summertime (summertime, chu, chu) In the street (Were gettin' love in the streets, ya know what I mean?) Everybody (chu, chu, nice) Everybody knows what's goin' down It's you and me Summertine, Summertime, Summertime (Hey y'all c'mon) Sunshine for your peace of mind So many colours of the benzos Cruisin' down the front line Summer madness you've got to have this No questions so don't bother to ask this Green grasses, blue sky the plane passes Warm breezes, holidays and visas Once a year, make it more if you could So it's all good summertime In your neighbourhood (Huh, huh) Summertime (c'mon) In the street (You don't stop, you don't quit, huh huh) Everbody (chu, chu, nice) Everybody knows whats goin' down (That's right) Just you and me Summertime, summertime, summertime (Yeah, yeah) Summertime (summertime) (It's your life I wanna tell ya summer like this) In the street (It's the summertime in the streets were gettin' love) Everybody (chu, chu, everybody nice) Everybody knows what's goin down (Just you and me, hey y'all check it out) Summertine, Summertime, Summertime (Hey y'all) (JP, check it out, it goes a little something like this) It's the summertime so where the summer bunnies? Makin' mad money now seems kinda funny Livin' lovely Sippin' bubbly, stakin' chips Makin' hits Loungin' with the honey dips Ba ba bad ba ba bad to the bone Me Jean Paul upon the Microphone Got me cromed out 'Zee-three' two seater Let's cruise it down the front end at the speed of a cheetah Summertime (c'mon JP) In the streets (Were in the streets, were gettin' love, nice) Everbody (you don't stop) Everybody knows whats goin' down (that's right) Just you and me (just you and me) Summertime, summertime, summertime (Honeyz JP) Summertime (Summertime, this is how it should be done) (This style is identical to love) In The Streets (nice) Everybody (chu, chu, nice) Everybody knows whats goin down (Everybody in the streets) Just you and me (Just you an' me baby, jus you and me) Summertime, Summertime, Summertime Summertime (You don't stop, you don't quit) (All day hey ay, c'mon) In the street (it's the Honeyz c'mon) Everbody (you know right?) Everybody knows whats going down Just you an' me (to ho, heres another one) Summertime, summertime, summertime (Yeah, yeah) (Nice, nice nice)