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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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4 Life (Naturally 7)

Red light, green light, 1,2,3. F O R L I F E I got you if you got me. F O R L I F E We’ll always be together you will see. F O R L I F E You and me were meant to be. F O R L I F E No matter what you’re going through, I’ll be there with you. Looking out right by your side, for life, for life. I’m never too far away, come rain or shine or in pain. I’ll be there to give you what you need, for life, for life. Have faith, trust in me, you’ll never have to hurt no more from now on you’ll see. I got you, if you got me, there’ll never be a lonely road, no. When you move to the left, call me. When you bounce to the right don’t forget me. I’m right here with you, I’ll always come through. When your tank is low, I’ll gas ya. Got nowhere to go, I’ll get cha I’ll see you through, I promise you. It’s clear, so simple to see, all you gotta do is 1, 2, step and follow me. To a place, where we can hide away, you’ll find love, peace, and happiness. For as long as you stay. You’ll never be the same, it will change you. I’ll wash away, all that pains you. Let me take you there, to show you I care. You can talk to me, I’ll hear you, tell me anything you want to. All your troubles bring, I got you through anything. You can call me whenever, life disappoints you and your spirits are down. I got cha, leave you? No never, I’ll always be there if you want me around.