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Cool (Naturally 7)

Walk in the room and yea! I'm that dude I'm never rude, I'm never crude Cause I got nothin' to prove.....(that's right) My speech is tight, I ain't the silent type When I talk it's straight New York Plus I walk in the ain't that..... C-O-O-L....what that spell COOL....ain't no one cool like me (don't think you can be) COOL....Ain't no one cool like we (we cool like family) COOL....That's G-O-D in me (just understand me) C-O-O-L.. what that spell...Cool! You can't imagine the smooth that I'm movin' I move a mountain, stop a river with this faith that I'm that's deep Slide through the door....(wooh!) and I bring life to the joint When I dress, I must confess, that I'm always on that's the..... All night, all day (COOL) We keep it cool, yo that's the only way (COOL) All day, all night (alright) C-O-O-L what that spell See you ain’t cool so go ‘head nah baby Cause you rockin’ twenty-two inch shoes on that Mercedes And you thinkin’ you nice cause Jacob makin’ you icy And you livin’ a life where you don’t care what the price be But that don’t make you cool I ain’t impressed with what you got See even Elmer Fudd got a mansion and a yacht So understand, make it part of your plan To be cool you find favor with God and man And that’s cool and we’re cool from the stage to the street So cool that everywhere we go we have to bring the heat I'm upperlimit, I'm untouchable… I got my swag going kid you know that I'm fly Gibberish never ever coming from I Rank #1 in the eyes of Jah Crisp pair of jeans with the hat all fitted "what" Butter soft leather with the tim's (let me lace it up) Pre-eminent being showing love from up above, right? Helps spit diamonds on this solid gold mic My man Roger said "yo homie do what you like" So I did what I liked, so I did what I liked N7 said "yo Jay do what you like" So I did what I do Now help me spell out cool...... (I'm so smooth) (Keep it cool) (I'm so smooth) C-O-O-L what that spell....Cool Um ha.....I'm cool like dat