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Harder Than That (Naturally 7)

They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush I never cared about two, your my bird, you got crushed I know I shoulda' been there, but I was busy Doing nothin', girlfriends were like ("where is he?") Are you gonna listen to them, or are you gonna listen to me I hear ya talk about"you", why don't you talk about "we" All ya talk about ("You could of stayed some more", But now you wanna work it out") Yea! Can we pray some more Don't hurt me, desert me Let's pray to God, work with me It's easy, believe me Just trust your heart, don't leave me I don't know how you can say That if it hurts this bad, just walk away And now you say ya sorry and you're sad....... I take it harder than that...(you think I don't?) This ain't a game to play like that..(I know I won't) I gave my word (true) the witness heard (who?) that's God We said we'd never turn our backs...(we read the Book) It told us love don't act like that...(so now I'm shook..feel my pain) E-yo-oh, (one more time) E-yo-oh-woh..I take it... Harder than some, but better than most I know I found me some comfort in the Holy Ghost They say the family that prays together, stays together So when that cloud get's too heavy, you can handle the weather And I'm not ashamed to tell the whole story (I heard you crying) So many tears you know my vision gets blury No twenty, twenty no more, my pain is plenty for sure And when it comes to my pride, I don't have any no more It hits like carbon monoxide, killing me softly I didn't see it coming through, I couldn't help it if I wanted to For forty days and for forty nights, I was crying like a baby, honey can save me I felt you slip away, just like a grain of sand I held you tight as I could, but you still slipped through my hand So now I'm calling you, will you return my call (Why should I come back home?) Cause home is where you belong You don't know, (tell me if you know) How I feel....(can ya tell me about it!) Is this love?....(who do ya love) Is this real......(it's only now that I doubt it) Cause if it is, you ain't never been apart of it We made a promise in a prayer from the start of it And now you say ya sorry and you're sad...... I take it harder...(than that* than that* than that) Harder....(than that*than that*than that) E-yo-oh, E-yo-oh-woh I take it ...hard I take it...hard I take it...hard