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Keep The Customer Satisfied (Naturally 7)

I saw you standing there Like you were waiting for me I see you everywhere So tell me what's your story What I can I say I've got points to score Searchin' for notes What can I play that you ain't heard before Just to impress you I aim to please Got to address you Playin' to your concerns and needs And I say If you don't like what you see on the menu Then tell me, tell me what you want If you don't like what you see, lets change the venue Tell me what you need We're simply switchin' I'm the chef in the kitchen And I know just what your thinkin' I can give you what you're wishin' Just tell me that you're sure And I'll give you more and more and more I keep my customer satisfied Keep your customer satisfied Have you been here before I know it feels familiar But it's a slight detour You're dying from suspense but this won't kill ya What can I do to get a second glance Ain't nothin' new under the sun You've got to feel it to dance Don't hesitate to And then let's connect the dots I'll elevate you Then let's take it up a notch They say the customer's right But I can guarantee You think you know what you want But I know what you need And we only have one secret We keep the customer satisfied Sa Tis Fied