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Open Your Eyes (Naturally 7)

I wanna know the truth I wanna know the deepest meanings You need to give me proof I need to know that I'm not dreaming I see those silly things I see the things that we go after But I can feel the strings I can feel the puppet master Can't sleep, can't trust no one Can't eat, unless I know where that's from One eye wide, one eye shut One eyes spies, who-where-what You gotta read between the lines You gotta dig real deep sometimes You gotta read the writing on the wall for signs (Come on) Open your eyes I wanna know the time And I don't need no watch to do dat I wanna know the rhyme And the reason why you choose that Detect the lies And read above the average Can ya feel their vibe Can ya read their body language Send a message to Mary (really?) Na! She can't hear me Caught up in tradition, my conspiracy theory This ain't somethin' outta' book It's real life, it ain't fiction But the plot is complicated, (like "The Wire") Are you listening? You owe dat, you know dat But tell me who wrote dat? Manufactured in a darkroom Developed like Kodak You gon' tell me like you mean it But I ain't never seen it You gon' hand me a script to read But I'm a' read between it.