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Tradition (Naturally 7)

They gotcha dancin' to the drum It's time to breakaway and run When they tell ya jump ya jump You wrapped up, you tied up (whoa!) Why you trying to think for me? Just because you came before me Why you criticize what I do? Cause it ain?t like what you used to Why do you do what you do? Cause they did what they did? Can you think out the box or just snap to the grid? Are lookin' on the surface or under the lid? Are you thinkin' or just following tradition? Oh! They gotch dancin' to the drum (Caught in tradition) Its time to breakaway and run (Break from tradition) When they tell ya jump ya jump (You don't need permission) You wrapped up, you tied up (whoa!) Why as the time goes by? You learn the "what" and the "how" but not "why" Why you want me just to rely? I check the proof, I know the truth it won't lie Everybody dancin' to the same drum No individual identity, everybody thinking like one That's negative, break from tradition, that's imperative. Are you coming? are going? are you growing? where's ya heritage? Right where ya thought it was, hurts don't it, of course it does Violins play the truth, like that fiddler on the roof Think like you or think it through I'm a choose the latter way They go left, I go right, they go Sunday, I go Saturday (So we say) If you know it's all tradition, why you knocking on wood? Halloween trick o treatin' can that evil be good? (So we say) Why when you pray to God you gotta close your eyes? If you knew he was going to propose, why you acting surprised? (So we say) Why you got on a roller coaster when you scared of heights? And if you did it before the wedding, why you modeling white? (So we say) If the theory ain't scientific, why they teach it in school? Right now you bopping ya head, I know why, so do you