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Hong Kong Cemetery (Flynn Johnny)

There are ten thousand graves in Hong Kong Protestant Cemetery Every one of them says "born and died, and the rest might be history" Walking there I'd cry For my love was there to lie I never knew shame to be so refreshing I'd sing Georgia on my mind, she would be I'd be regressing (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) Was the day of the boats for the fellas in coats in the Navy They'd be all around, change the face of this town cos they're lazy 1952 was the year that I lost you I was with the soldiers in the school hall Didn't know that you were ill, you didn't seem off (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) (I'm alright!) Don't go, China show, new so blue so who's aboard the boats these days Some people are fixing the terrible mixing the crew of old whose sailors say *whistling* Your life might be a mess of lights when you're on your own But the lights you'll see form a line that'll be pointing all the way home I was here before My name was on the door Took a score of years to get to your seat I'll send the next in line, he'll be a clean sheet (I'm alright!) x8