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Gas And Mud (Durk Lil)

See, I popped me a Xan And that lean, that shit got me on Pluto (uh) And I'm smokin' on that dope And it got me on Pluto Gas and mud, (Leanin') Gas and mud, (I'm smokin' dope) Gas and mud, (That molly water) Gas and mud, (Or a molly) Gas and mud, (I pop a flat) Gas and mud, (I'm turnin' up) Gas and mud, (Don't come if you) Gas and mud, (Ain't got it all) Gas, and mud, (I'm smoke) Gas, and mud, (I'm leanin') Gas, and mud, (I'm sleepy) Gas, and mud, (Can't think) Gas, and mud, I'm smokin' dope, smokin' dope, smokin' dope I'm leanin' leanin' leanin' leanin' leanin' Drug, drug, drugs, sleepin' off them Xannies She wanna turn up, got her off the shit And out her panties Ain't gotta spike her with the molly She done came ready Light up a Bob Marley Smokin' dead niggas Spot em when my shoota color red nigga Don't turn up Let them drugs get to yo head nigga Pool party, lotta lean, lotta smokes Lotta money, lotta bitches, lotta jokes One hunnid 3 times, ain't no 3 packs in Newport Can't keep up with my fashion Cuz your money too short From LA, MIA, all the way to New York I be off them druuuuggggssss But I can't feel my face I po'd a four up in that Crush No razor blade but that lean I got better not be cut I'll call up my connect I need some gas and mud Cuz he know I love my druuuuggggssss Drivin', window down Hit me, wake me up Get in my feelings, that molly Those niggas is fake as fuck OG? Show me some OG, lemme take a puff Lean-man, who every time I hit em he meet me up You don't drink so lemme pint up that deadly That Patron hit me strong I mix that light wit that Rémy Now you see nothin' but the top and the back of her Remy Just chew me up Now you deserve you some Jimmy's Now fuck for fame You might go and get you some Fendi Don't love me Bitch you know you love you them pennies Now my eyes closed Smokin' on that hydro Now I'm wide awoke Molly got me grind mode I can't move slow Lean got me on Pluto Imma dog like Cujo Now tell me bitch is you broke? Bitch yo pocket is a joke And my block give ya smoke Nahh I ain't off them druuuuggggssss