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Jealous (Durk Lil)

Jealous, yeah, they jealous Jealous, my car got 'em I got 'em mad and jealous My wrist got 'em jealous My bank account, jealous I got 'em mad jealous I got them bitches jealous They is right now, jealous My Instagram, jealous And I go ham, jealous Got them niggas, jealous I got 'em mad jealous They jealous of me I just copped me a new watch and they jealous Fuck all that other shit my diamonds yellow Niggas is bitches I do keep that metal (Do keep that metal, that gun is on me right now) Only on Twitter when niggas be at you 40 ruger shooter tell 'em I bless you You niggas ain't got more money then my left shoe (My jealous) I tell 'em my niggas so turnt up (OTF my niggas) They'll burn yo' bridge it get burnt up I got a bad bitch she look like Tokyo Niggas wanna compete with me and know they broke Pull up in that phantom that cost a holy ghost Niggas be tweakin' with squad they.. (Bang!) Instagram comments got them niggas hating, pussy Niggas I call friends be faking Niggas be tweakin they thought I wouldn't make it (But I made it right now) Fuck all these dirty hoes, these bitches basic Car all white they swear I was racist I can't be racist this 40 Jamaican (I'mma shoot it right now) Niggas is bitches, I turn up for what I just got a deal so I turn down for what Rondo caught a body I got up a lawyer Any lawyer call 'em I could afford 'em Niggas is fraud it's like they write for them Pull up in the ghost, on some Forgi's