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Live It Up (Durk Lil)

Live It Up, Live It Up, Live It Up You gotta Live It Up Live it up, run up on him better give it up It's a stick up, 911 ain't pickin' up A nigga like me don't give no fuck All of my cars, all of my clothes, all of my hoes I got it Everything could be gone like magic I know alot of niggas die for that fabric Pretend your nigga let it happen Whatchu' gon do? Eveytime I see you with a gun, is you gon' shoot? Too many niggas be hatin, too many niggas be faking 'But in these streets too many niggas won't make it Got killers in M.I.A I'm talking straight Jamaicans If you come through talking about bricks, my niggas a take it Them hiccups the mac that I got a give you a face lift No soulja boy my shooters on deck, ain't even got to say shit Not a word not a sentence not a paragraph Broke ass niggas I hate they ass Straight 8 jeep boy im turning fast 'But all my niggas can't turn on them So Imma Live it up, live it up , live it up Sippin this lean go and get a cup x5 For that price my niggas gon hit em up Lets get it! Imma street nigga wit all you need Books, bonds and lawyer fees Its just us no state over seas I'm gettin money over seas Now I gotta take care of all my niggas A lot of these niggas don't feed the killas For a G or two my young niggas go get him No boxer wit this tommy hill figure Live it up, betta turn down nigga You wit your niggas, go turn down witchu yall Like a smoker I can't turn down swisher 'But if you get left, my nigga get switched up He ain't even know it, but I know that he switched up I know that he switched up, like juice did bishop Can't no nigga ever say I bitched up He tellin I know it don't get it mixed up Now back to the blueprint I heard he got robbed and he ain't do shit And yall knew this? pull up on the ghost on some spook shit We creep through the gangway Hands full of choppers and Ak's I hope you aim straight no Pac Brenda still having a bae bae So watch where you shoot