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Ten Four (Durk Lil)

Y'all say you got Fredo and Reese on camera How did y'all get my info? Hello? Who is this? (you been the one that we in to) I don't sell drugs, I ain't a plug My background from y'all was plenty of guns (You ain't the focus, and you bogus I seen your ass on plenty of runs) Mama called, said cops kicked the door Not lookin' for me lookin' for bro That Phantom y'all had came back stolen In the trunk three sets, 36 over Thirty bricks, pure shit no remix Address came back to her shit You a striker, three strikes, he out and it ain't no fight Call cell partner why? Hit 9 with a manslaughter, damn And his bond two million dollars flat I don't care cause Imma make it right back And the feds they all on my back Turned that street money into rap And these niggas trippin', these niggas bitchin' Got em all in your trap Nah! First 48 that's a homi, had 40, had Tommy Two flats got my zombie, one flat that's a body In my mind smoke Bobby, we ain't a gang we a family Niggas wearin' "oh my", niggas spray and niggas die Phone tapped up, niggas say Durk nigga when they jam up Call Fredo, bring the pounds up Built 300 from the ground up, war time then we round up How you snitch, doin' five months I'm leaning dry like I'm smoking five blunts I can have all the bricks I want I can have all the guns I want Niggas tell but I want Out of sight, out of mind Head shots then I'm out of town Pull a tec if you out of bounds Whole hood let a hundred rounds Now he dead, now he underground You ain't a star nigga you underground Everybody know he runnin' wild, everybody know I'm a problem child Let's get it!