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Times (Durk Lil)

Real shit, shout out to my squad This ain't for no fuck niggas, ya hear me? (L's) I tell em like.. (L's) Times ain't the same I seen, real niggas change I seen, solid niggas fold I'm talking about, snitching on they main I gotta, duck from this pressure And be re-leased from this pain But this, shit come with this fame (come with this fame) Everyday I wake up, I gotta take a breath Gotta get right before a nigga try to leave me left Momma need help, got a new baby Nigga try to rob me, run up on me, nigga must be crazy Shit ain't right, but I gotta get real I hope folks come back from the pill I don't smoke or drink, and I don't pop pills I'm just high off life Can't trust a soul, so pussy nigga get up off And I keep my pole, so pussy nigga get up off ..Cause shit ain't the same, I can't trust a soul Cause shit ain't the same, shit ain't the same Niggas want me dead, I can't go And I'm that nigga, they know I'm from the real streets, and I call it the Lam No thanksgiving, but I'mma go ham Free my nigga Jam, get him out the jam Free Boona, cause he gon blam And I'm beefing with the opps, they'll get shot Turn uuuppppppp And I tell em' my team, they'll nail em' And my niggas can't tell under pressure For them saying they real, I can't feel em' I'm just trynna eat and see millions ..Cause shit ain't the same, I can't trust a soul Cause shit ain't the same And I tell em' like..